Read what participants have said about the Leadership Institute:

Top-notch professional program that equips new leaders to launch out into school sites well prepared for success.
This has been the most applicable, practical and useful professional development that I have ever received. I actually looked forward to Saturday classes!
SCOE’s Leadership Institute is a tremendous opportunity for aspiring leaders. The program introduces you to local leaders throughout the region, and helps you develop your own style of leadership.
This program was inspirational and transformative for me. I enjoyed it tremendously. It required me to step outside of my comfort zone. As a result, I experienced personal and professional growth.
This program was such a wonderful learning experience. The knowledge I gained in the courses from the instructors, guest speakers, and the varying expertise of my peers could not be duplicated.
Dr. Winlock and the entire SCOE team were amazing and supportive to me as I moved through this comprehensive program.
I have learned more in the Leadership Institute program than in any other credential program (multiple subject, special education) I have been in! I love that I can also apply what I have learned outside of the field of education.
This program exceeded my expectations in terms of content, instructor knowledge, quality and camaraderie of the cohorts.
Learning from the best of the best can only put you in line to be an outstanding administrator! Every class was engaging, exciting, and worth every moment.
Much of what we do in education revolves around relationships. The Leadership Institute provides tools for educating leaders to develop those relationships in a way that transforms educational opportunities for all kids and communities.
SCOE Leadership Institute has been a wonderful experience filled with high-level content, effective collaboration, and real-world preparation. I would and will be highly recommending this program to any aspiring administrators.
The networking and opportunity to develop professional relationships among my fellow candidates and faculty has been absolutely invaluable in growing my resources and becoming a successful administrator.